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Seven km from Khatgal, between the larch trees on the top of the hill lives Ot. In spring, that is, because in the summer she will move down the valley, with her home and her animals, to enjoy rich pastures and wind cooling down Mongolian heat.
I wake up at 7am, but Ot is already starting a fire for morning tea. Milk tea + bread + cream + sugar. That’s breakfast. Honestly, the best cream on bread you can think of. Ot moves slowly, and while bending to pass beneath the fence of yak pen she swears in silent. Life is not easy in the outback, winters reach – 40 degrees, simple tasks are labour intensive, vegetables and fruits are scarce and towns are far. Ot sais that animals eat weeds and we eat animals so we get all the nutritions from both. That may be one cause of some health issues.

Nathan, the Shaman, is sharing his healing cream .
Now some cream for our horse, he got wounded with a rope few days earlier. Without him chasing after yaks is a pain.

Yaks are milked twice a day. Then milk is going to be boiled. Some of it becomes yoghurt, some yoghurt and yoghurt. Then we figured out yoghurt is a name for anything Ot made of milk and there are milion and one things Ot makes of milk. And all our delicious. And some are delicious when you add sugar.

Make fire. Boil milk. Clean the wok – pot. Repeat.



Every house is blessed by neighbours visits at every time of day or night. Our favourite mate a.k.a One Eye Joe. When I asked him what happened to his glasses, that was missing one temple he laughed and said: Vodka and bum.
Guests our served milk tea and bread straight when they arrive. For more favourite ones, Ot keeps candies or apples if she recently was in town.
Mongol salute. Ot’s grandson.

We had a taste of what life might be if you a yak herder. In our minds we already herd our own yaks, but a long way ahead of us to be such a badass like you Ot!

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