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5 Must-do experiences in Korea

South Korea is true discovery of this trip. A small country with a long history (I almost wrote huuuge). After spending 2 months on the peninsula we absolutely got hooked. On kimchi, spa’s, soju, palaces and most of all, people! If you’re thinking what to do in Korea, this is your must-do list:

1.  Get naked in Korea


Institution of jinjilbang is inseparable with the city life of Korea. My absolute number 1! Imagine 24h spa with saunas and pools, where you can relax as long as you want and then you just grab a blanket and go to sleep. And all of that cheaper than a normal hotel! Be aware though, spa’s in Korea have complete nudity policy. So leave your clothes behind and get ready for the most relaxing night in your life!

2. Chase an octopus

Foodies be prepared, is there more delicious seafood than in South Korea? Or at least more adventurous one?:) Stroll seafood markets, e.g. famous Jagalchi Market in Busan and enjoy the craziness of all kinds of underwater creatures. And when you’re at it try San-nakji, a raw dish made from Korean Long Arm octopus. It tends to suck to things, including your cheeks. You’ve been warned.

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3. Barbecue and soju

Korean barbecue is one of the most recognizable of Korean foods. The food itself is delicious, but enjoy the process! Cooking on your own, talking and pouring soju, the most popular Korean alcohol, to your friends – that’s the spirit of the Korean night out.

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4. Be Korean, Go trekking

Trekking in Korea is pure pleasure. The infrastructure is well prepared, though the priority is on the side of the nature. So no concrete paths (sorry China).  We did some hiking in Gyeongju in late autumn, the colors were striking, and beside tranquility, hidden Buddha sculptures we enjoyd heaps the company of fellow Korean hikers ( always looking tip-top pro).

5. Be Korean, wear Hanbok

Wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress is back in fashion! While walking down the streets in Seoul or Jeonju you’ll pass many people, straight from another time. Be one of them! Great way to get more out of your sightseeing, and besides, you will look awesome AND you have free entries to all the palaces in Seoul.


* Wypić kawę w sklepie z narzędziami / Hunt for free coffee

Rada dodatkowa. Ale tak serio, jeśli chcesz poczuć się jak Koreańczyk chociaż raz musisz napić się kawy w jakimś przypadkowym miejscu. Korea to pierwsze państwo, w którym maszyna z darmową kawą jest dosłownie wszędzie, w każdej restauracji, na stacji paliw, w sklepie z farbami. A i tak kawiarnie typu Starbucks znajdziesz na każdym rogu, ergo pewnie nie tylko o kofeinę w kawie ludziom chodzi.

One additional thing. Korea is the first place, where you can get a free coffee almost everywhere. In a tool shop, restaurant, petrol station. But still normal coffee shops, like Starbucks can be found on every corner. Maybe there is something more to coffee than caffeine? So hunt for a coffee at a random place, I swear there is some satisfaction to that.

Spędziliśmy w Korei dwa miesiące, jeden podróżując, drugi mieszkając w małej wsi na południu kraju w ramach Workaway. O tym jak podróżować tanio w ramach wolontariatu możecie przeczytać tutaj.
To nasze top 5,5, a jakie są wasze dziwno-wspaniałe doświadczenia w Korei (obiecujemy, że spróbujemy)?
That’s our Top 5,5. Is there any other weird-wonderful experience you enjoyd a lot in Korea ? If so, share with us ( we promise, we will try 😉

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